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At Inside the Armour Publications we think the key to good modelling is to have a good understanding of history. Too many myths are endlessly regurgitated on modelling forums, and unless you understand the society that produced a tank, or a ship or a plane, why they made the one the did, and the people that had the job of fighting these machines, and what that involved, you can't put your model in context, and context adds so much to a model. 

The We Have Ways of Making you Talk Podcast, with Historian James Holland, and Comedian (and WWII history enthusiast) Al Murray, is a fantastic listen for anyone interested in Second World War history, and its not afraid to tackle some hoary old myths and poking into the lesser poked corners of history. We recommend the podcast. which you can access by clicking on the picture above, or even better at PATREON, where you can sign up to join the We Have Ways Independent Company, with loads of extra content. As James is so fond of saying "What's not to like?"

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