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A Notice for EU Customers:

Sadly, Inside the Armour is not registered for EU VAT.  To avoid paying import fees, please buy our products from our eBay store! eBay will calculate and apply VAT to your order, avoiding delays and extra costs at customs. Please go to ITADiscounts

Inside the Armour Publications is Closing Soon

After 12 years, I have had to take the decision to close Inside the Armour Publications, and I will no longer be producing new books. Sadly, ITAPubs never recovered from the effects of Brexit, losing 60% of our sales overnight when the new customs regimes came in, and the business could not expand in the US and Asia due to spiralling shipping costs. I tried for 18 months, but I can no longer sustain it. The next book, "Heroyam Slava" has been cancelled, and all pre-orders have been refunded. All remaining stock can still be bought, for now, with 50% off by entering code ENDOFITA at checkout! 
This breaks my heart. I built it from nothing, and there was nothing I could do to save it. Thanks to the many extremely loyal and kind people that supported this, it was a wild ride.

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