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Chevrons for 1/35 Ukrainian Figures of the Russo-Ukrainian War of 2014 to present

Units Include
ZSU Chevron (can be painted different colours for different Arms of Service
National Guard of Ukraine : Standard NGU Chevron for all guard Units
National Guard of Ukraine Kharkiv 5th Slobozhan Brigade
15th Operational Brigade, National Guard "Kara-Dag" ( Zaporizhia)
55th Artillery Brigade
1st Tank Brigade "Severia"
47th Mechanized Brigade "Magura"
92nd Seperate Mechnized Brigade

Set includes 5 chevrons of each type

0.1 to 0.2mm thick, average size 1.7mm

ITA335033 Ukrainian Uniform Chevrons 1/35

SKU: ITA335033
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